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Waiting for Ideas

Hey friends, in few coming days i planning to launch my own portfolio site. For that i looking a crazy name for my domain name i.e my site name( with the meaningful idea. I am very confuse with the names which all i arranged from here and there. but they all are not working at end of the day. So please, friends, guys who reading this post please suggest few names for my website.

You all are welcome with your crazy, funky, boring, silly, intelligent, awesome ideas. Hoping for the best. Waiting for the comment n suggestions.

Compete Infotech

Hi there, recent;y i designed a logo for a SEO based comnpany. There main focus is upon complete IT solution of a company. So there you see a key in between "C" and "I" is used the negative spacing as a key symbol. I know guys the logo having few technical errors like as there is a overlapping, used many color, and gradients. These all mess are done is hurry. I am so busy with others project not getting time to edit. But still hope for good comments.

Newspaper ad for Iron company

The above design is for a newspaper ad campaign, the whole concept is mine. This is my one of the best project. I got really great appreciation from everyone. In technical side i used photoshop to create this ad and few images n concept. after 1 hour of work converted into an ad.

Creative Garage Character

Hi there this the character i illustrate  for the Creative Garage company which deals in brand promotion, graphic designing solution and web design to web development.