How do I become a UX designer?

1. Learn the fundamentals
When you’re getting started as a UX designer, be sure to learn the basics first. Get a solid foundation of knowledge through these resources:

UXPin Free Books ( Hipper Element by Joel Marsh ( Magazine ( (
Become familiar with the terminology, the theories and best practices. Learn how to put them to use. You can discover the best patterns in UX design by studying web sites, web applications and mobile apps. Follow key blogs and publications to find out more about the UX design process.

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Best Motivational Video


You can improve your look, feel better and fresh and more healthier within just 10 days

Practice drinking 3 liters of water. But make sure that you don’t drink water just before or after meals.Have a sound sleep for 8 hours.Stay away from your phone and laptop 30 minutes before you sleep.Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Use a sunscreen.Switch to rock salt or black salt instead of the refined table salt.Switch to whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, oats etc.No refined sugar for 10 days. Keep your sugar intake from natural resources like fruits.Use oil sprays for cooking.Strictly no outside food for 10 days.Eat at least one serving of raw vegetable salad a day.No tobacco, no alcohol for 10 days.Switch to low fat dairy.Rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal.Eat one handful of nuts everyday.Spend 30 minutes, whenever you get time, to exercise.Spend 30 minutes doing something that you love. Reading, writing, playing, talking, sketching, whatever truly interests you.Do not skip meals.Do not multitask while you eat. Keep your phone away.Keep your …

Mobile redirection code

<script type="text/javascript"> <!-- if (screen.width <= 800) { window.location = ""; } //--> </script>

Responsive versus Adaptive: Which one to go for?

One of the big advantages of responsive design that propelled it to instant stardom was that a single codebase served well for both the desktop and mobile user. This made a developer’s life easier as it almost eliminated the nightmarish experience of having to look after multiple code versions for different device types. However, the same code for both the devices means that the website being launched on smartphone will have the same size and complexity as the desktop version, which is the main culprit behind responsive websites behaving weird and bloated on mobile devices.

On the other hand, using an adaptive approach, a server has the freedom to choose how to optimally render pages, removing or adding functionalities on the fly, on the basis of the device detected and the user information.

The benefits can be summed up as below:

Developers wouldn’t have to recreate the website from scratch as one would have to while going for responsive site. Most websites become too complex over t…


Hi, everyone I am very excited to give you a little brief about my new logo design.
Hope, you guys liked the name “PSDTOHTMLHERO”. Guess what is this about??? Oh yes, it is about a service which will I provide from my website (still in construction stage). Here we provide a service of HTML conversion from Photoshop designed files or jpeg design file. We convert any design into fully functional HTML, CSS, and JQUERY websites. Oh!!! Sorry I described lots of thing about the service. For any psd to html conversion at affordable rate just (Rs. 800 per landing page) contact me with your design.
 Now please have look on my logo walkthrough for
Worked on this logo from last two-three weeks, spent lots of time in research, drawing samples, designs, variation but somehow not find anything suitable and meaningful. Drawn number of superhero for the logo but not a single one fitted with my idea. Suddenly yesterday a keyword stokes on my mind and that was “su…

My New Business Card Design

Hi, after a long time posting a new post , I know i know you guys excited to see my new business card design, Yes this is my new business card design.

About Idea 
Before making my vcard, i searched lots of vcard designs, wasted lots of time to search new business card design. Got lots of idea from there, but not able to implement on my design, after doing long experiment sudden on my mind strikes and got idea to put my own picture and I did that.
In one shot I opened my famous promoted image and placed on my business card design, little played with that and finally i came to this, and after that taking few reviews (good n bad both )decided to print business card with my photo. Many of my friends and colleagues said that "Mukund this is a great idea. Go with it only !!" and other few friends putting own images is not good idea at all, they given own views on my design and i appreciated that, but finally i decided to go with my photo business card. Reasons for giving own image…