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Hi, guys see my new logo design for a online ticket booking company. I tried lots of things for the logo but none of them suites the buisness n symbol, i tried double door, single door, ticket as a door, but didnt find anything out of box on that symbols do finally i decided to play with font, gradient, texture and some fun within te symbol, so after a lots of effort n experiment i got something like this. Hope client will like the logo, and hope that i will be the creative man for  his next further project> My fingersre crossed now.

Jassaw Cleaning Service is live now

Hi, one of my very first project of developing complete website for a Cleaning company named Jassaw Cleaning Service, is live now. The whole project is done by me only alone. More editing need to be added to the website.

Logo for

Image, a repairing service provider for the consumer with yellow and black color code, logo is too simple, there is no hard n soul concept or hidden meaning like other top logos. It is simple n general logo, designed by me, illustrate by me, n drawn by me too. Here a confident executive representing the company with a repairing tool. In the initial stage company will do basically mobile repairing service along with laptop n software servicing. So basically i am not very much excited to post this article, because the logo is not upto the mark from my level,but you guys the right person to rate this logo. My rating is 3 out of 5.

Logo Design for a Counselling Organisation

After a long time, i got a chance to create a logo for a Career Counselling Organisation, named "UMEED".
The concept behind the logo is that there is a small plant grows under sun, get the proper nourishments, care for development and growth like as same UMEED, which helps the little children to choose the right career or right way to lead there life and many more.
Here you find the leaves are looking like a rays for sun, symbol of leaf symbolize the leaf and the rays of the sun.
I got good response from the client, they liked the logo and appreciated. There are few change they need with the typography, so after making that changes hope it will look more effective n focused.

I sent this logo to feature on top logo community sites, if i got maximum vote then the logo get chance to feature on there site because, at present logo is in pending section on there site. You can check this it on the given link, so guys please register yo…

Kolkata Meals Logo Featured in

Hi, after a long time  i am posting a post for you all guys. Last two weeks was rocking and the most intresting thing is that my designed a logo named "KOLKATAMEALS.COM" is featured in The moment i got a mail from logofury team that we selected your logo for featuring in our site, I was totally surprised and became speecless to express my feelings. It was unexpected moment, i was so happy at that time that i can't express in my words. And not only my logo featured it also gets the highest vote on last week, now it's got total 13votes for me, still I am waiting for more votes. I know this is not the biggest achievement what i got but for me this one is energy booster to do more better work in future for me and for my clients too. So, I need your support and best wishes to do lot more creative work.  Thanks.

Waiting for Ideas

Hey friends, in few coming days i planning to launch my own portfolio site. For that i looking a crazy name for my domain name i.e my site name( with the meaningful idea. I am very confuse with the names which all i arranged from here and there. but they all are not working at end of the day. So please, friends, guys who reading this post please suggest few names for my website.

You all are welcome with your crazy, funky, boring, silly, intelligent, awesome ideas. Hoping for the best. Waiting for the comment n suggestions.

Compete Infotech

Hi there, recent;y i designed a logo for a SEO based comnpany. There main focus is upon complete IT solution of a company. So there you see a key in between "C" and "I" is used the negative spacing as a key symbol. I know guys the logo having few technical errors like as there is a overlapping, used many color, and gradients. These all mess are done is hurry. I am so busy with others project not getting time to edit. But still hope for good comments.

Newspaper ad for Iron company

The above design is for a newspaper ad campaign, the whole concept is mine. This is my one of the best project. I got really great appreciation from everyone. In technical side i used photoshop to create this ad and few images n concept. after 1 hour of work converted into an ad.

Creative Garage Character

Hi there this the character i illustrate  for the Creative Garage company which deals in brand promotion, graphic designing solution and web design to web development.